Exhibition Innovation Fund 2015

Still Life

Still from Life, Animated

We are delighted to announce the recipients of our 2015 Exhibition Innovation Awards! The fund was initiated by Film Hubs Scotland, North, and North West Central, the three BFI Film Audience Network Hubs behind THIS WAY UP. The fund was targeted at audience development projects and open to any organisation working in UK film exhibition – it aims to open up British and specialised films to more people across the UK by using exciting and innovative ways to entice new cinema audiences.

The 2015 Exhibition Innovation Fund Award Winners are:

  1. Dogwoof – Life, Animated / Popup Cinema 

Still from Life, Animated

Dogwoof’s Popup Cinema initiative will receive funding from the Exhibition Innovation Fund to bolster the release of the inspiring documentary, Life, Animated – the story of a young autistic child, Owen Suskind, who navigates language and life through a love of Disney films.

Working alongside grassroots popup cinema partners throughout the UK and Ireland, and organisations specialising in Autistic Spectrum conditions and Asperger’s Syndrome, Dogwoof are planning preview screenings of the film from September to December 2016, followed by panel discussions exploring the film’s sensitive content. This winning project will reach out to a broad and inclusive audience, including young adults and children, as well as teachers, parents, families, and university students. http://dogwoof.org/lifeanimated

  1. Live Cinema UK – The Unfilmables

With the support of the Exhibition Innovation Fund, Live Cinema’s The Unfilmables – a highly imaginative project steeped in archive fever, ruin lust and alternative realities – will take place across a five-date UK tour in Spring 2017.

The Unfilmables will explore rarely-seen, abandoned film ideas and projects -such as Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, and Roman Polanski’s Waiting For Godot – rescuing them from obscurity and recreating them through newly commissioned live soundtracks and artists’ visual and physical (re)interpretations. Participating artists tbc. http://livecinema.org.uk

  1. Sheffield Doc/Fest & Curzon Artificial Eye – Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness 
Notes on Blindness VR

Still from Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness

Supported by both the THIS WAY UP fund, and the BFI’s distribution fund, and led by Sheffield Doc/Fest in partnership with Curzon Artificial Eye, Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness is a nationwide tour of the award-winning Virtual Reality companion project to the acclaimed British documentary feature Notes on Blindness, based on the audio diaries of theologian John Hull. The 19-venue UK tour commenced in early Summer 2016, and has been a resounding success, with the VR project being made available alongside screenings of the documentary feature.

This is the first time a VR project has been placed alongside a theatrical film. Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness allows its users to access a mediated notion of John Hull’s world in an exploratory, user-led experience. The feature film and the VR project are designed as standalone but complimentary productions that hope to enhance and deepen the audience’s knowledge and understanding of Hull’s life and experience of blindness. http://www.notesonblindness.co.uk/vr/

  1. Cinema Nation – Who Am I?

Cinema Nation is a community interest company and a research and development agency that encourages, explores, champions, and supports film exhibition.

Supported through the Exhibition Innovation Fund, Who am I? is Cinema Nation’s current project, which is intent on making the capture of audience data both simple and fun. The project presents a customisable online quiz for exhibitors to skin and adapt to their particular festival, season, or screening which will make the process of surveying audience figures easier and will endeavour to produce high audience response rates and simple results. http://cargocollective.com/cinemanation