This Way Up 15 Evaluation


In November 2015, The Audience Agency was commissioned by Film Hub North West Central to undertake the evaluation of This Way Up 15 – the annual film exhibition innovation conference.

Organised by Film Hubs Scotland, North West Central and North, This Way Up 15 was held in HOME in Manchester on 2-3 December 2015. It attracted 262 attenders including both delegates and speakers who took part in keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, lunchtime labs, two-day hack and engaging with the conference’s Exhibition Innovation Fund Pitches.

The evaluation was collated thorough a pre conference survey with responses from a total sample of 136 attendees, a post conference survey from 85 attendees and face to face interviews with 52 attendees.

Looking across the results it seems clear that the conference was a great success and continues to grow and improve.

“It’s exactly what I expected it to be, only bigger…this year it’s really interesting to see who has actually turned up because some of the faces who are here I would have not expected at all and it’s really great to see”.

To read the evaluation please click the link below.

This Way Up 2015 Evaluation Report