Programme TWU17

Welcome to the fourth edition of THIS WAY UP

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We are looking forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 7th November at Hull Truck Theatre, for our fourth year. A year that can certainly be described as uncertain and unstable. This current climate that has turned our thoughts to resilience, to the Power of Culture to embolden, connect, enlighten and provoke.

It is a time to be brave – to put your stake in the ground, your line in the sand, embrace openness and innovation, and hold true to the important values of film exhibition; inclusivity, integrity, imagination, creativity, collaboration.

What does this mean for us at THIS WAY UP? It means recognising the importance of this annual gathering, appreciating the community we’ve built and trusting the community to embrace the ideas, concepts and provocations we put out there.

What does this mean for you, in your venues, film festivals, communities and teams? In two days time, we hope you will come away from THIS WAY UP 17 with a clearer sense of what the future holds. Or at least, how to navigate your way through the instability and uncertainty.

The themes we have defined are some of the cornerstones that will guide our industry over the coming years; recognising the Power of Culture, not only our place within it, but our responsibility to nurture and develop it; having a clear sense of who we are, how our Ethics are embedded into our every day; developing the Resilience that allows us to maintain and persist, through turbulent times both in the micro and macro-environments we operate in; how we can use Technology responsibly, effectively, creatively and thoughtfully to surprise and delight our audiences and finally, what it means to be Local and Global, in a world that seems at once ever more connected and ever more divided.

We couldn’t deliver this conference without addressing the revelations of sexual harassment and abuse of power in the industry that have recently been given a voice. Let’s be clear, this isn’t new, this hasn’t just started, since time immemorial these behaviours have existed and have been allowed to remain unchallenged. What is new, and what we welcome, is the renewed attention, the support of survivors and the beginning of a conversation about how we do things better. How we, all, take responsibility for safeguarding ourselves, our colleagues and audiences. Conversations around this subject might be triggering for some and we urge you to exercise appropriate self-care. Talk to us if you have any concerns.

On the verge of our fourth edition, we are in turns both confident and fretful. We are buoyed by the support we’ve had over the years from our delegates, speakers, session leaders, industry figures and team members. In tumultuous times, this is exactly where we want to be; in the company of our ambitious, inspiring and thoughtful THIS WAY UP community.

See you in Hull!