AND Hack: Anatomy of the Archive

2 – 3 December 10am – 5pm, Second Floor, Cinema Foyer



THIS WAY UP 15 partners, Abandon Normal Devices organises this two-day intensive lab inviting teams of filmmakers, information designers, developers, data visualisers and hackers to create visually rich and critical prototypes/projects which examine how archives (moving image) are not only a means of conserving the past, but for transporting the present into the future. How can we draw out alternative narratives, hidden histories and create a discourse around authorship & identity? What or who might be missing or buried in the depths of the vault and whose voice do we want to hear now?

This lab is the beginning of a conversation. It’s a space to glean new material and look closer at the challenges and opportunities that archives and big data aggregation present. We welcome projects and approaches which look at:

  • Gaming
  • Data visualisation,
  • Sound triggered associative archival media, location based data over narrative
  • Interactive documentary interfaces
  • Artworks
  • Search engines.

Organised by Abandon Normal Devices. Facilitated by Anna Frew.





gabrielle_jenksGabrielle Jenks, Director, Abandon Normal Devices
Gabrielle Jenks is the Director of Abandon Normal Devices. She was previously at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and is a creative producer and film programmer interested in interdisciplinary practice. An advocate for the role of festivals in supporting emerging talent and practice she has over 10 years of curating and programming work for a number of diverse organisations like the tate, Liverpool Biennial, Google, Siemens and the BBC. She is executive producer of feature films by Gillian Wearing and AL&Al and has worked extensively with internationally established artists like Eva and Franco Mattes, the Yes Men, Oneohtrix Point Never and Rafael Lozano Hemmer. She sits on the UK advisory group for Rhizome. @gabrielle_jenks

anna_frewAnna Frew, Creative Producer and Research Assistant, Abandon Normal Devices Festival and Salford University
Anna Frew is a Manchester based researcher whose work explores how the way we tell stories is transforming within digital media. Currently undertaking a PhD at Manchester School of Art, Anna’s design led research questions the essence of what makes a narrative engaging. Closely linked to her PhD is her role as a Creative Producer and Research Assistant at Abandon Normal Devices and The University of Salford. Here she is working on Project Daedalus to explore the potential of drone technology in cinematic and digital arts contexts. Also working at Manchester School of Art as an Associate Lecturer, Anna is chiefly concerned with what’s next? With her vision firmly faced towards to future of technology and storytelling. @al_frew