#FaveFail from Sambrooke Scott

As a naive, green Press and Marketing Assistant for a large Indy distributor, I was responsible for arranging prizes for competition winners.

One prize was an all expenses paid trip to America. I was arranging travel with the prize winner and liaising with the travel agent. The prizewinner had many demands and requested multiple changes to the travel package. I passed these changes on to the travel agent, adding a rant about the moany, fussy prize winner.

The travel agent then replied to me confirming the changes to the travel package.

You can guess what’s coming right?

I merrily forwarded those changes in an email to the prize winner.

Of course, what I had neglected to do was delete my rant about the moany prize winner.

I received an email back from the prizewinner apologising for their requests but explaining that they had mobility issues and the changes requested to accommodate those.

I realised what a shit I’d been and wrote a long apologetic email and learnt a valuable life lesson about email etiquette, understanding other peoples issues and being a good human.