#FaveFail from Alison Kennedy


I managed to secure an interview at a top university as a trainee AV technician. I was told how amazing it was that I got to the interview stage by the prospective employer as there was something like a million applications (might be a slight exaggeration there…!). I was pretty pleased with myself and jaunted off to the interview with a spring in my step. The interview went fairly well. Until…

They asked me what a HDMI cable was and to describe what it’s for.


Tumbleweed blowing across my stupid empty head. It felt like the time that passed between the interviewers asking me the question and me displaying any kind of recognition on my face was about 20 years. I eventually pulled myself together and knew I had to say something. My response was ‘errr…it’s a cable for computers’. That’s it.

Needless to say, I did not get the job. The most annoying thing is that I DO KNOW WHAT A HDMI CABLE IS, I use one fairly frequently. I guess I just thought that they would never ask me something as simple as that.

The lesson learnt is: don’t forget the basics! And anyway, a few months later I went for an interview at the National Archives which inevitably led me to where I am today and I would not change a thing.