#FaveFail from Toki Allison


My default setting consists of a deep-seated dislike of failure, ever since I fell over during my first sports day and came last in the race. So, honestly, this is tough for me to recount, let alone admit openly! But, pushed to be honest, I would say poor communication is the root of all my major fails.

The one that most impacted me and those around me was when I had arranged for live AV sets to be staged on the main stage of a music festival. Getting agreement from artists and their managers wasn’t a problem, but getting my AV rigging team onto the stage was. Various conversations with the PA company, stage team came to a loose agreement to do the visuals, but when my team got onto the stage to rig in between two acts (one of them doing a devilishly dangerous dance off the lighting rig to get a section of screen in place) I was forcefully asked to cancel the attempts. The rig wasn’t going to work, it was all taking too long, it wasn’t looking like a safe operation, and the changeover time wasn’t going to allow for it. Disappointingly the artists didn’t get the visuals we’d promised, the VJs didn’t get to deliver and I learnt how to handle failure to deliver in the truest sense. Actually, everyone was very forgiving, but my frustration with myself was hard-lost. And we were really lucky no-one got hurt.

Lesson learned: Plan these things way ahead. Book in a time to go through plans in detail and get proper agreement from ALL those concerned about timings for installation and a commitment from other impacted parties to deliver on time and with full adherence to health & safety requirements!