30 Seconds with… Simran Hans


Simran Hans


Writer and Critic

Three words to describe your feelings about film:

Can’t quit it.

What inspires you daily?

My friends.

What’s the most challenging thing about being in the film right now?

Endemic racism and misogyny.

And, the biggest opportunity?

The chance to create new canons.

What was the last film you saw?

A Bad Moms Christmas (2017, John Lucas & Scott Moore.

Video on Demand: forces filmmakers to think differently or ruining the cinematic experience?

A good way of widening access that will never replace the sacred space of the cinema.

Positive discrimination: essential for the film sector or the wrong approach to equality?

A start.

Choose your own adventure films: an exciting development or will destroy the shared cinematic experience?

Also known as “video games.”

VR in film: enhances the experience for the viewer or negatively impacts traditional storytelling?

Just another type of storytelling.

Director / Talent Q&As: insufferably boring or a great way to engage and develop audiences?

Added value when the talent is wielded by a skilled host.

What are you looking forward to most about TWU 2017?

Being grilled by Gaylene Gould!

What part of the TWU 2017 debate are you most interested in and why?

I’m very interested to hear about how various exhibitors are defining ‘Ethics & Resilience’ and how (if indeed they are) they’re factoring those themes into their practice.

Where can people find you online?

I’m @heavier_things on Twitter.

Simran is one of the three keynote speakers at THIS WAY UP 17.

In her session, Simran will consider how sector structures and value systems are being interrogated by wider societal changes. What kind of labour props up the UK film exhibition industry? Are groups and networks formed through programming pursuits running at odds with this?